Long Willow Bottom - Aquarius Plateau, Utah
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Fuel Bottle Kit

Turns an ordinary 20oz. soda bottle into a fueling machine!

One of the great features of the FeatherFire stove is that you don't need to measure your fuel. Just pour some in, use as much as you need and then recover the unused fuel.

But pouring fuel directly from a bottle without spilling any can be a challenge and then how can you get the unused fuel out?

Well we came up with a simple, convenient and economical way to do both without wasting a drop of your precious fuel!

So why use a soda bottle?

After testing bottles of all kinds we found out why using an ordinary 20oz. soda bottle to carry fuel is the preferred choice of AT thru-hikers.

First of all they are very light. Without the lid they typically weigh less than 1 ounce. 20oz. of fuel is more than enough to cook 20 meals and of course you can carry much less when not needed. They are designed to withstand relatively high internal pressure as well as very low temperatures, so they are very durable. They're also easily replaceable and basically free!

But yet another reason we chose them is because they have just the right amount of 'springiness'.

To remove fuel from your stove simply hold the bottle upright and squeeze out some excess air. Then tilt the stove sideways a bit, dip the filler tube into the remaining fuel and slowly release hand pressure to vacuum it out.

CAUTION: Fuel bottle may develop internal pressure with changes in altitude and/or temperature. When opening always point the spout AWAY from you and/or any open flame source.

Here's the specifications:

  • Empty bottle and cap assembly weighs 1.1 ounces (33 grams)

  • Polypropylene flip top cap

  • Tough Buna N o ring provides a leak-proof seal

  • Filler tube is made from semi-flexible Nylon 6 vacuum tubing with a temperature rating of -40 to +225 F

  • Filler tube is securely pressed into place. (You can pull it out but it won't fall out!)

The o ring is both duable and long-lasting. However you can order spares from us.

Fuel Bottle NOT included.

(They're easy to come by though...)