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Which Stove is Best?

Having trouble deciding which stove to order?

By far the #1 question we get is which stove is best. Below we detail the main differences so you can decide which stove is best for you.

The FeatherFire

The FeatherFire was designed primarily for use with 1 or 2 person cook sets with a diameter of 4 inches or more.

It was meant to be stowed inside your cook set as the pot stand wires could get snagged in your pack.

It is a little faster than the XL. (All things being equal, about 20 seconds faster boil time.)

It is all one piece (except for the snuffer cap of course).

The XL

The XL works great with any size of cook ware but is your best choice if you use a small diameter cook pot.

It will fit inside most cook sets. But if you cook with a small mug or beer can you can also easily stow it most anywhere in your pack.

We purposely tuned it to burn a bit slower to minimize heat waste in the form of flames leaking up the sides which can be a problem with smaller diameter cook pots.

The XL has 3 separate pieces (plus a snuffer cap); the fuel cup, the pot stand and the combustion chamber. It sets up in seconds and the pieces (including the snuffer cap) nest together and will not rattle in your pack.

It is more compact.

It is a little lighter weight.

The pot stand is a bit more stable.

What They Have In Common

Both stoves are light weight, sturdy and ultra dependable. Both offer a balance between speed and outstanding fuel economy. Both are fully adjustable so you can boil, fry, simmer and bake.

Both stoves require a windscreen and we highly recommend that you use our fuel bottle kit to fill and remove unused fuel from your stove

If you still can't decide simply order one of each! They will both make an excellent addition to your gear collection.